Airmarking Standards Good Morning for painting JXN Reynolds Field 4 JXN ATCT Drawing the Center Radius 10 ft. Radius from Survey marker Initial marking with chalk
20 ft. diameter circle
Cardinal Headings (N,S,E,W) 40 Feet from  center
Taping off the cardinal points Marking all the cardinal directions Taping the 30 degree points
Taping 30 degree stars Paint within the lines Draft layout Paint by number Center compass rose; Survey Marker under center point Ready to start painting 25 gallons of White; 22 gallons of Blue Airfield / Highway paint; dries very fast
Blue and White teams Painting Center circle Time to let the paint dry Two light coats Marking the headings Chalking Heading numbers Stagging Lunchbreak provided by JXN Airport Manager Eagle Scout leader Now for the Center logo It is more complicated than it looks! Touchup paint Logo2 Touchup to cover spray 99s Logo
Almost done Variance marker box Marking Variance Working crew Group effort Success Airplanes can use the rose to calculate their compass before takeoff Eagle Scout Project; Troop 7 Success Another rose for the record ATCT2 Solo Flight Training Center Success
JXN Compass Rose completed!Simple jQuery Modal by v3.0